Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!" - Oz by ChereKaye Designs & Libby Pritchette

 I have the first preview on here from ChereKaye designs. I have been procrastinating so bad lately that this is really the 2nd or 3rd kit of hers that I have worked with, but haven't posted any of them yet. Bad, bad me!

 I really do swear that I am going to work on being better about posting on here! I have just had so much fun playing with all the goodies that Ginger & Chere give us that I forget to share them! Oops.

 ChereKaye Designs has a collab with Libby Prichette that will be out in their stores this Friday. It is called Oz & it is a wonderful kit to work with. You will be able to get your own kit on Friday, August 30th. All you have to do is go to ChereKaye Designs store here. So now on with the goodies, here is a preview of "OZ"!

 The first layout I am going to share with you is one that I absolutely love. This is the first of Princess's graduation pictures that we have received. I knew as soon as I saw this picture that I had to scrap a page with it using "Oz". She is so beautiful in this picture!

 The next layout is PDC & her puppy, Paco. She loves the fact that she can drag & haul him any where, & he is usually a good sport about it. When he has had enough he hides under mine & the hubby's headboard. It is kind of cute. :)

 And last but not least is a wonderful memory from when we took PDC & Bubba to ZooMontana for the day. We all had a great time & enjoyed seeing all the animals, although getting a close up look at the majestic Bald Eagle & the wolves were my favorite part of the day. Unfortunately they don't have any tigers, but I had to stick with the spirit of the kit.

 Remember to go get your very own copy of Oz from ChereKaye Designs & Libby Pritchette so you can scrap all those wonderful memories.

Stay scrappy,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New releases by Ginger Scraps N Pixels

 I know I am entirely too terrible about posting on my blog. I swear I am making a school is starting resolution that I am going to be better about it. :) I am going to try to work on posting at least a couple of time a week, I can't promise everyday although that will be my goal. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me, ok!

 So Ginger's Scraps N Pixels has a new release out named Dog Days of Summer. I have two furrbabies of my own (along with a tom of other pets) so this kit was so fun to work with. PDC loves playing with her puppies & thankfully they are both so tolerant of her dragging them around, & in the case of Paco, dressing him up. :)

 Here is a preview of the kit. You can pick this kit up at Ginger's Scraps N Pixels store here.

 This kit has 230 elements, 48 papers & an alphabet. It was so fun to play with. Lol. Here are my layouts that I did with PDC & her puppies.

Come back tomorrow to see what I have done with my kits from ChereKaye Designs. I am so lucky & thankful to work with two such wonderful designers.  Stay Scrappy!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Been Too Long

 I have been slacking way too bad on posting on here, & I am very sorry about that. A lot as been going on around here. First I need to get Bubba  & my first Princess ready for school. Thank goodness I don't have to do much for Princess since she is 17 & a senior in high school, she also has a job, so she took care of all of her own school stuff. Yay!

Bubba has always been pretty easy to get ready for the start of school. I mainly just have to get him some new shirts & his school supplies. My Mom always takes him to get new shoes & sometimes some clothes even. That makes it so nice, & thankfully he isn't a picky child. I thought maybe it would be different since this year he is a freshman in high school, but he is the same as always, "Just get me some shirts, Mom."

 I have decided that once the two older ones go back to school, I am going to start doing a sort of home preschool with PDC. She has been acting all excited about it, telling everyone who will listen. She is 3 1/2 now & very smart already. She counts to 13 or 14, and thanks to apps on my iPod she was learning all her colors & shapes. That was until she dropped it in the toilet the other night, now I am letting it dry out & just hoping it works again. Kids, I swear!

 I have some good news for you, I have joined a second Creative Team! This one is for Chere Kaye Designs. She is a wonderful designer, & I am having so much fun working with her kits. I even had to work on some layouts for Ginger so she didn't get jealous! lol. Chere does have a slight advantage, she sells at GingerScraps. I have been doing the challenges in their forum the last 2 months, so I can use her kits for my challenges.

 I don't want to forget that it was Ginger who took the chance on me to begin with, even though I didn't even have a Gallery to share at that time. So, no, I never plan to forget my roots so to speak. As for you wonderful readers, I have worked out a schedule for myself so that I can get everything planned out in my day, & I scheduled time to blog, hopefully every day, but at least a couple times a week. I do know that I will have lots to share with you tomorrow since I have new kits for both Ginger & Chere Kaye.

 Until then, stay scrappy!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ginger's Scraps N Pixels New Download A Day: Science 101

 Ginger's Scraps N Pixels has a new Download A Day kit for you this month, called Science 101. This is a versatile enough kit to scrap your going back to school pictures or to just do fun pictures you take with your family this next month. I even had fun doing "periments" (as Princess Demon Child called them) with PDC & Bubba so I would have some cute pictures to scrap with. They loved it!

 Here is a preview of Science 101:

 Here are the layouts I did using it. The first is of the 12 baby toads that a friend of mine just gave us, the second is of PDC & Bubba making Homemade Lave Lamps.

 I also have a freebie for you that I made using Science 101. I hope you can use it on some of your going back to school pictures. Download HERE.If you download please leave me a comment so I know what everyone thinks of it. Thank you.

 Be sure to check Ginger's blog everyday for all the pieces to Science 101 this month & enjoy making wonderful memories with this kit. Ginger's Scraps N Pixels.

 Have a great day & stay scrappy.