Monday, October 28, 2013

Thoughts from Koni Dole

 This young man is still amazing to me. I don't know of anyone who could be more inspiring to a young person!

9 a.m. tomorrow morning is the time I had my leg amputated last year. Tomorrow will be one year since having my life turned around in a matter of a week. Looking back now I don't regret the decision I made because of all the new doors it has opened for me. I was just talking to my strength coach the other day about how I was thinking back to all the work we had put in and it just shows.When I got out of the hospital, the only thing I had in mind was how in the hell am I going to do this. I came to the conclusion that what's done is done and that I wasnt going to let that be the end but only the begginning. Nothing worth having in life comes easy. Thank you to everyone who supported my family and I!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Designs by Marcie $2 Tuesday

 This week has been a busy week around our little house. The hubby finished installing out wood burning stove this weekend. Trust me that is going to be a real life saver this winter. Since we live out in the country we have two choices for heating, either propane or electric, we choose electric. When we did the rates were low enough we could handle it, but we all know what has happened to the rates lately. It now costs way more to heat our house, hence the wood stove. I am ready for the challenge, lol. I will keep you up to date on how this new adventure goes, even if I am bundled up in a parka like an Alaskan Eskimo. :)

 This week Marcie has a new Kit on the $2 Tuesday at GoDigitalScrapbooking, Bon Apetite. This kit was fun to make layouts with PDC's first eating solids pictures. She was a real demon when she first started eating solids. I think more of the food end up on her face & in her hair, than what ended up IN her, but those sure made for some cute pictures! LOL.

 You can get this kit here. Remember it is on sale for $2 for today only, so hurry.
Here are those layouts I did with PDC.

 I will have new laouts for you soon. I have my monthly challenges at GingerScraps & I am also competing in the GingerScraps Survivor: OZ challenge. Talk about fun! I will bring you up to date on all of this soon!

 Stay scrappy.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Joined a new CT

 So I have had an exciting week. I have joined a new CT, for Designs by Marcie. I have LOVED her kits since last spring when I got two of her kits to make a Mother's Day card for my mom. At that time I was not even scrapping, but was thinking of just making cards. Now I am hooked on scrapping & never seem to find the time to make cards, haha. I have thought many times of messaging Marcie to see if she had a CT or if she didn't see if I could volunteer to do CT work for her. Last week I opened a newsletter from her & found a CT call & jumped at the opportunity to send in my info. Then I got the wonderful news that she wanted me on her CT. I was so EXCITED. Haha.

 Marcie put us to work right away. This week we have a wonderful kit that Marcie has on the $2 Tuesday deal today. I had so much fun working with this kit & the layouts just kind of jumped out at me as soon as I looked at the kit. You can get this wonderful kit here. Here is a look at the kit:

 Here are the two layouts that I did with this kit. The first is PDC playing at the Yellowstone River & the other is of my wonderful nephew playing in a puddle. Boys will be boys, haha.

 I also had some other wonderful news this last week. I am now the head CT for Ginger's Scraps N Pixels. Ginger has been having some medical issues & all of us on her team have been doing whatever we can to help her out & take some of the weight from her so that she can take the time to get better. I was a little apprehensive when she offered the position to me at first, worrying that the other girls would be upset. Thankfully they have all been so supportive, & we all care so much for Ginger that we will do anything we can to help her so that she can get better. So please join me in wishing Ginger a speedy recovery.

That is all of my news for now so I will see you all soon. Stay scrappy! :)