Friday, November 6, 2015


Help - We've Been Framed!!
As a thank you to loyal customers of BoomersGirl Designs - and to give the rest of you a sample of what you can find in the BGD stores - the Creative Team is doing a Blog Hop this weekend!
CT members were challenged to create something using their favorite kits, so you're getting a sprinkling of several different themes and color palettes. As you'll see, we're big on frames! You can find the full range of BoomersGirl Designs offerings at Gingerscraps ( and Daisies & Dimples (…).
The full list of stops for this Hop includes:
BoomersGirl Designs (blog)
Escape the Craziness (blog)
For this stop, we have a frame created by Kim using the Drive Like A Girl kit. You can find the full kit at GingerScraps here. Click here to download.

 BoomersGirl also has some great sales going for iNSD Just for all of you. You can find these deals at either Daisies & Dimples or GingerScraps.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy your goodies and have a wonderful DSD weekend!

Until next time.... Stay Scrappy! :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Some new layouts and ..... A FREEBIE!!!!

 So the kidlets have been back in school for almost 4 weeks now and I have been sooooo enjoying the peace and quiet! It has been so amazing to know that if I had a rotten nights sleep the night before that I can now go back to bed for a bit in the morning without having to worry about PDC either tearing the house up or making "art" everywhere. :) hehehe

 I have some wonderful pages that I did of the Princess' first day of school that I am going to share with you. I am very thankful that over all she really loves school and is excited to go most morning. We have had a few meltdowns as only an overtired 5 year old can, but they have been few so far.

 I also have a freebie for you like I already hinted at. :) I have mentioned trying my hand at some templates and have completed quite a few of them, with more in the works. I have to say that I really enjoy being creative in a different way but that is something that I can use too. Here is a layout that I made using today's freebie.

 Here is the link for you to get a copy of this fun template for yourself. (Here.)

As always.... Stay Scrappy and I will see you all soon.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

There go the Tosils

 So a few months ago PDC had to have her tonsils removed. she had strep throat 3 times in a five week span. I swear we were getting done with the antibiotics from one round and we were back in the doctor's office with it all over again. When she went to see the Eye, Nose and Throat doctor he told her that he would make her feel all better after he gave her the worst sore throat for about a week. I swear all she heard is that she could have all the popsicles that she wanted for a week!

 Thankfully she came thru the whole thing with flying colors, having strep was way worse than she was after have her tonsils out. Here are the pages that I did with this lovely kit. I just love BoomersGirl's kits, don't you?

 You can find the kit "Doctor's Orders" here. I almost forgot to plug LissyKay Designs on these too. I better remember to do that since I CT for her too. The first layout is using Corner to Corner and the second is using Gumballs. :)

Until next time... Stay scrappy. :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

"Booty".... otherwise known as "My Greatest Treasures"

 I am pretty sure I told you all the other day that I am doing the "Survivor" challenge at GingerScraps this season. This time the challenge is about "Lost at Sea". BoomersGirl had a kit a month or so ago, Pirates Life, that I passed on since I had no pictures to use for it. I ended up changing my mind as soon as this challenge came along, thankfully Lori was very understanding and we decided that it was a win/win for her to give me the kit after all. (She really is wonderful to work for!)

 This week the challenge was about our greatest treasures, what we would put in our treasure chest. I knew that mine was going to be about my family, they are the greatest treasure in my life and my greatest joy, even tho they drive me absolutely nuts most days. I know that I wouldn't want to go one day without them!

 I used the GingerScraps Girls kit Lost at Sea & BoomersGirl kit A Pirate's Life for this layout. It also contains my two most prized possessions in the wedding day pictures of both sets of grandparents. Both of my grandfathers passed away before I was born and these are the only pictures I have of either of them. I told DH one day that if the house ever catches on fire I need to grab my EHD, a file folder (with all our birth certificates, titles, and other important misc.), and those two pictures (although I do have copies of both pictures on my EHD). He asked me about the kids and I told him that was his responsibility to grab them, I was going to be busy. Hehehehe

 I will have a couple more pages from BoomersGirl's newest kit Doctor's Orders. I used pictures from when PDC had her tonsils taken out earlier this year.

 Until next time.... Stay scrappy. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Getting ready for an empty nest (sorta)

 Only 18 more days until school! Can I jump up and say "YAY!" PDC starts kindergarten this year, I am so excited. I am sooo going to enjoy having the house to myself for 8+ hours a day. Besides that I am going to have time to clean the house (without a 5 year old going behind me undoing everything I do), and getting to work on all the things I want to like scrapping and the creating that I have been trying my hand at lately.

 I have been trying to design a little, mainly templates that I am thinking of offering here for free. I am trying to see what I can do and liking most of the results so far. I have mainly been using them for CT work up to this point and giving them to my friend, Linda. Some of them have been old templates that she has found that you can no longer get so she has sent me the page and I do my best to make a template close to what the picture is or some of them have been just ones I have thought up off the top of my head. I has been pretty fun to see what I can come up with and who knows someday I may even have a store somewhere. I like to dream big!

 I have even been getting back to some of my hand crafts. I have sewn PDC a few dresses for summer and have some more to do her for school. I forgot how expensive it is to outfit a child for school. Bubba has been so easy on me for yeas now since he wears shorts and t-shirts all year round and only wants a zippered hoodie for school. That stuff is cheap compared to dressing a little diva like PDC for school. Thankfully I am done with that and have decided that next year I am going to shop the clearance racks when we get our taxes in to get her wardrobe for next year. I have actually been thinking of dong a thing I saw on a blog somewhere where you shop clearance and sales to build a stock of clothes going up a size at a time until you have most of what they will need for a couple sizes up. PDC only seems to go up a size every year and a half or two tho so we usually get a lot of use out of her clothes, thankfully.

 I have also been having some computer issues lately that have just popped up so my desk top is almost out of commission so thankfully I have my laptop that I got a few months ago but I did have to load Photoshop onto it this week. I don't want to have to do that again! The program was easy but then I remembered all of the styles,brushes, color swatches, actions, and OMG all of the fonts that I use that neede to be loaded on here too. It took a whole evening to get all of that accomplished. I even had to back out on layouts for a kit for BloomersGirl since my computer wouldn't stay turned on. I promised Lori that I would still do the pages just that they would be late, so I will post them here as soon as I get them finished. I also need to share all of the layouts I did for the challenges at GingerScraps last month. So I will be doing all of that in the coming days and hopefully when the kids go back to school my schedule will even out and I will have more time to share on here and we can get this blog built into something bigger.

 So I hope you will all stay with me and see where this journey will lead us!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wonderful kits from Sweet Pea Designs

 I know that I have been lax again, but this time I swear that I have a very good reason. :) For the last month we have been fighting off a virulent strain of strep throat in our house. First PDC got it, then I got it & now PDC has it again. I hate when my babies are sick but at least with Bubba being 16 he understands, but PDC at 5 still doesn't quite take being sick well & when she is sick she is clingy, whiney, & just wants her mama (I literally spent 5 nights sleeping in the recliner so that I could be with her without worrying that DH would get strep, only to be reminded that he doesn't have his tonsils anymore & can't get it anyway. Grrrrrr!) Hopefully we are all on the road to a full recovery tho.

 So since I am behind on Sweet Pea's kits I am going to show you two of them in one post. I have loved her designs for some time now, but then I always love the cutsey type kits anyway. I have all the little turkeys to scrap so her kits are definitely right up my alley.

 The first one I have for you is You Color My World. This kit is great for doing those little heart stealers with or for scrapping all of the lovely, or not so lovely, art projects that the littles do for us every day. (I won't share PDC's with you right now since her's seems to be self-tattooing with markers at the moment & I hate to think what kind of parent that makes me look like somedays. :/ )

 Here are the pages I did with this cute kit.

You can find this kit here at Daisies & Dimples.

 The next kit I have for you is Recipe for Love.

The wonderful page I have for you is one that I made with pictures of PDC & DH making blueberry cupcakes one evening. Those two, & grandpa, I swear could not live without blueberries in their lives. They are their favorite fruit for sure!

You can find it here at Daisies & Dimples also.

That is all I have for tonight. I will have some more for you tomorrow from BoomersGirl Designs that I am also behind on sharing with you (Shameful Face) but I swear to get all caught up soon.

Til later & stay Scrappy. :)

(Oops I think it is time for a new siggy) :(

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Plans, New Resolutions

 Yes, today is the first day of a new year! Who can believe that it is really 2015? I know that I can't. Time keeps going along, my kids keep getting older & so do I! PDC is going to be 5 in three weeks! That one makes me stop & think. Then again, Bubba just turned 16 the beginning of December! I can still remember the day I brought him home from the hospital like it was yesterday. Time flies when you are having fun, & being driven insane by your kids, that's for sure.

 I have spent the last week or so working out a lot of details on how we are going to try to make things run a little smoother in our house this coming year. I made a daily schedule for myself, found a bunch of great downloads for helpful forms & plans from some great web sites. I have also decided that PDC needs to have a chore chart & allowance starting today, I am so tired of having to pick up behind her everyday & then everyone else in the house thinks that I don't do anything all day! :( I am also revamping how we do our menu every month. I do make one up at the first of the month so I know what to buy for groceries, but it is just a loose planned one, not one that actually tells what the dinner is really going to be that night. I decided this month to take the time to actually make it right & assign what is going to be for dinner that night.

 We have a schedule when everyone is supposed to make dinner each month but that also never seems to work out every day either. Bubba is supposed to make dinner 2 Wednesdays a month, Stitch was supposed to switch off the other 2 with him (but try making a nearly 21 year old who thinks that just paying rent to live here is all that is expected of him, & I don't have the backbone to just kick him to the curb either.) I make dinner Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays, while DH makes dinner on the weekends ( I still think I am getting the short end of the stick here but since I stay home...) :)

 My wonderful in-laws gave me an electric roaster for Christmas that I have a feeling is going to be my new best friend, along with my crock pot. I have been trying for the last few months to tighten up our grocery list seeing as how prices in the stores are going up & our budget for food isn't. I have about $600 a month to feed 5 people ( one of them eats like two & another eats enough for at least three people.) All that combined makes it hard to work out every month but hopefully with the new roaster & the tried & true crock pot it will all work out a little better.

 I also have tried to work out a way to better spend my days & hopefully get every thing done without feeling like a chicken with my head cut off. I am looking at starting to work with PDC on preschool stuff a couple times a week too. She will be heading off to kindergarten this next fall, so I want to make sure she is ready (although I am not sure I am going to be 100% ready for that.) Hopefully all of this combined will make life in my crazy little world a little bit easier.

 I will share some of the ideas that I have found as we go along & see how they all work out. I know from the sites that I found that they seem to work for other people pretty well but I don't want to endorse anything on here that I have not tried myself & found to work well. I have been saying that I want to take this blog slightly in a different direction & not just have it be about my scrapbooking (although that will always be the original reason that I started it.) That is not the only way that I have to escape my crazy life everyday.

 So here is to a New Year & please join me for the journey that I have with all the new plans & new resolutions. Maybe they will help you as much as I am hoping they help me! :)

 Thank you for joining me today,