Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ready to get back to work

 So I am ready to get back to work, finally! I have caught up on all of my downloading & unzipping files onto the new EHD. I work for some of the best designers in the world, I swear.

 LissyKay gives us a CT code for any older kits we want to get out of the store. I explained to her hat happened to my EHD & she allowed me to go thru her store & get all of the kits that I couldn't get from out CT page. BoomersGirl gave me a code for her store to get back all of the kits that I had made LOs for from her. Charly Renay (Cresent Moon Designs) gave me a code for her whole store for free, & I mean the WHOLE store, even her wonderful CU stuff.

 I am still trying to rebuild my CU files, but as soon as I am done you can expect for me to post more freebies. I need to revamp the sidebar on here as I need to add some CT that I have joined, Brenian, Leigh Penrod, Luv Ewe, & Charly Renay. I also have left Sweet Pea Designs CT. I was having some personality differences with her so we decided that it wasn't a good fit after all. Life goes on. :)

 I will have a new post tomorrow with some new LOs that I have gotten finished for the GS challenges this month. so until then I will leave you with this LO that I just couldn't resist making after going thru the ablums on our LissyKay CT page. I knew this would be a perfect one for Princess & her little feather babies. I used Barnyard Buddies by BoomersGirl & Feeling Wavy by LissyKay Designs.

 Until next time.... Stay Scrappy!