Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Been remiss in posting on here...

 I am sorry that it has been so long since I last posted, things have been a little out of control here. My father recently passed away, & although we were not on good terms, it still hit me pretty hard. I have also been having issues with my two sisters that stem from his death & the fact that in March my mother filed for divorce from him, that situation is far from settled! No need to go into that any further than that, pretty dull for anyone else not going thru it.

 I have made a New Years Resolution of sorts to post on here more often, not sure I want to call it a resolution since we all know how well most of those are kept. lol I have decided to help achieve that goal by trying to post a Friday Freebie on here every week. I am not a full designer by any definition of the word but I am trying to start by making paper packs & maybe working my way up from there. I don't know yet from week to week what the freebie might be, it could be a paper pack or a cluster from one of my designers kits, you won't know until I post them what this weeks freebie will be, so make sure you come back every week to see what surprise I will have for you.

 For now I am off to download the freebies that everyone has for the blog trains from today. These are the ones I am following right now so you can join me in getting all of the goodies too, if you would like. Pixel Scrapper's & Digi Scrap Addict's.

 Have a very Happy New Year & stay scrappy!

I think I need a new siggy, don't you? lol