Friday, March 24, 2017

Is there a such thing as Recipers Anonymous? :)

 I am going to run out of black ink in my printer at this rate! I never could figure out for years where I inherited my LOVE of collecting recipes, then a few months ago my Mom informed us that my aunt also loves to collect recipes....Now I know where I got it! I have been looking thru Pinterest for recipes to help with this diet & that is not a good idea for me. I printed out about a 1/2 inch high stack of recipes yesterday, now I just need to make sure I don't let them all go to waste. Wish me luck.

 We did try out a couple of new recipes yesterday, one was a flop one was pretty good but I need to fiddle with some of it a little more. The first we tried was for Roasted Chick Peas. It was pretty much a flop. I tried to use Ranch dip mix hoping they would taste like Cornuts, I was informed by Bubba that I wasn't even close!!!! I was not really impressed either. I think if I am going to try anything snacky with ranch on it I will go for Ranch "Crack" pretzels, at least I know we all like those.

 Next recipe we tried was for faux Wendy's Frostys. Seeing as Bubba doesn't care for the chocolate ones I decided to use vanilla protein mix in his instead of the cocoa & he loved it. I did one for PDC & I and added the vanilla protein mix along with the cocoa but I think I went a little overboard with the cocoa. PDC & I both like the chocolate Frosty but the one I made was a little too bitter, so back to the drawing board on that one. I wonder if they make a sugar free Nesquik? Here is the picture from Facebook that inspired our Frosty experiment. If you try your hand at it let me know what your results are. I am going to go look thru some recipes & see what our next experiment is going to be, I am thinking maybe Cloud Bread.

 Until next time stat scrappy! (P.S. The diet is working pretty well, I have lost 3 lbs!)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why I Really Need An Escape :)

 Here is a quick snapshot of my life this week... Bubba has been diagnosed with Influenza B, DH is running around the house spraying everything down with Lysol, PDC has discovered YouTube & cute cat videos on my old cell phone that I gave her, & our dog, Max, must have come from a jungle tribe somewhere that thinks if you take their picture you are stealing their soul, he jumps up to leave & barks at every camera that you point at him, even PDC's play cameras. Dumb dog. :) <3 :) On top of all of that PDC & I just got over some crud that I am pretty sure was also Influenza B & I am on a diet & trying to quit smoking, again!! I swear I say I need a vacation from my life at least a couple times a week. <3 my crazy life.

 I did recently buy a couple of new toys that I am going to be showcasing stuff from on here in the days to come, a Silhouette Portrait & a new camera. Yay! I have been wanting a new cutting machine for awhile now since my Cricut doesn't seem to work anymore with today's technology. I also wanted it to be able to make stickers for my Happy Planners, so I jumped on a deal that I got when we got our taxes back. As for the camera, a friend has been taking pictures of the kids up to now, but I had to scale back on the drama & she was a big part of that. So I decided to get a good camera & got a few different editing apps for the computer to play with.

 I am also trying to stick to a better schedule on a daily basis, this is also needed for my weight loss needs too. I need to lose the weight as it is a little scary when you see a note in your medical file that your doctor is recommending you to the dietician for morbid obesity. That is not something I want to see in reference to me any more. I am ready to change that & there is no better time that now. So we are working out a new schedule to give me time to do my chores & work in time for exercise & blogging time. I need something that is going to make me be accountable so I am trying to use this blog to help with that, although I have lost half a pound already!

 I am also going to see about doing some more templates or mini kits to give away on here in the near future. I have been going thru picking up a lot of my stuff that I had downloaded from Pixel Scrapper that was lost when my EHD crashed. I have gotten a lot of it back in the last few weeks so I am going to have to see what I can come up with.