Monday, September 29, 2014

Turning Over A New Leaf

 I have been so behind on everything but I am determined to turn over a new leaf from today on. I am making a daily schedule for myself & making time in my day to post on here. I can't promise that it will be everyday but I promise to make it a couple of times a week at least. School has started here for Bubba, a month ago actually, & I have to get up in the morning to make sure he is up & out to the bus, so that gives me more time in my day since I am not sleeping in so late now. PDC & I really have needed to get on a schedule, along with needing to get her started on doing chores, hahaha. We have way too lazy for awhile now.

 So we are changing how we do stuff in Ginger's CT so that is a spur to get me to change things on here as well. So from today on we are on the other side of that leaf, let's just hope we don't fall off of it now! LOL :)

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