Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wonderful kits from Sweet Pea Designs

 I know that I have been lax again, but this time I swear that I have a very good reason. :) For the last month we have been fighting off a virulent strain of strep throat in our house. First PDC got it, then I got it & now PDC has it again. I hate when my babies are sick but at least with Bubba being 16 he understands, but PDC at 5 still doesn't quite take being sick well & when she is sick she is clingy, whiney, & just wants her mama (I literally spent 5 nights sleeping in the recliner so that I could be with her without worrying that DH would get strep, only to be reminded that he doesn't have his tonsils anymore & can't get it anyway. Grrrrrr!) Hopefully we are all on the road to a full recovery tho.

 So since I am behind on Sweet Pea's kits I am going to show you two of them in one post. I have loved her designs for some time now, but then I always love the cutsey type kits anyway. I have all the little turkeys to scrap so her kits are definitely right up my alley.

 The first one I have for you is You Color My World. This kit is great for doing those little heart stealers with or for scrapping all of the lovely, or not so lovely, art projects that the littles do for us every day. (I won't share PDC's with you right now since her's seems to be self-tattooing with markers at the moment & I hate to think what kind of parent that makes me look like somedays. :/ )

 Here are the pages I did with this cute kit.

You can find this kit here at Daisies & Dimples.

 The next kit I have for you is Recipe for Love.

The wonderful page I have for you is one that I made with pictures of PDC & DH making blueberry cupcakes one evening. Those two, & grandpa, I swear could not live without blueberries in their lives. They are their favorite fruit for sure!

You can find it here at Daisies & Dimples also.

That is all I have for tonight. I will have some more for you tomorrow from BoomersGirl Designs that I am also behind on sharing with you (Shameful Face) but I swear to get all caught up soon.

Til later & stay Scrappy. :)

(Oops I think it is time for a new siggy) :(

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