Saturday, August 8, 2015

Getting ready for an empty nest (sorta)

 Only 18 more days until school! Can I jump up and say "YAY!" PDC starts kindergarten this year, I am so excited. I am sooo going to enjoy having the house to myself for 8+ hours a day. Besides that I am going to have time to clean the house (without a 5 year old going behind me undoing everything I do), and getting to work on all the things I want to like scrapping and the creating that I have been trying my hand at lately.

 I have been trying to design a little, mainly templates that I am thinking of offering here for free. I am trying to see what I can do and liking most of the results so far. I have mainly been using them for CT work up to this point and giving them to my friend, Linda. Some of them have been old templates that she has found that you can no longer get so she has sent me the page and I do my best to make a template close to what the picture is or some of them have been just ones I have thought up off the top of my head. I has been pretty fun to see what I can come up with and who knows someday I may even have a store somewhere. I like to dream big!

 I have even been getting back to some of my hand crafts. I have sewn PDC a few dresses for summer and have some more to do her for school. I forgot how expensive it is to outfit a child for school. Bubba has been so easy on me for yeas now since he wears shorts and t-shirts all year round and only wants a zippered hoodie for school. That stuff is cheap compared to dressing a little diva like PDC for school. Thankfully I am done with that and have decided that next year I am going to shop the clearance racks when we get our taxes in to get her wardrobe for next year. I have actually been thinking of dong a thing I saw on a blog somewhere where you shop clearance and sales to build a stock of clothes going up a size at a time until you have most of what they will need for a couple sizes up. PDC only seems to go up a size every year and a half or two tho so we usually get a lot of use out of her clothes, thankfully.

 I have also been having some computer issues lately that have just popped up so my desk top is almost out of commission so thankfully I have my laptop that I got a few months ago but I did have to load Photoshop onto it this week. I don't want to have to do that again! The program was easy but then I remembered all of the styles,brushes, color swatches, actions, and OMG all of the fonts that I use that neede to be loaded on here too. It took a whole evening to get all of that accomplished. I even had to back out on layouts for a kit for BloomersGirl since my computer wouldn't stay turned on. I promised Lori that I would still do the pages just that they would be late, so I will post them here as soon as I get them finished. I also need to share all of the layouts I did for the challenges at GingerScraps last month. So I will be doing all of that in the coming days and hopefully when the kids go back to school my schedule will even out and I will have more time to share on here and we can get this blog built into something bigger.

 So I hope you will all stay with me and see where this journey will lead us!

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