Tuesday, August 11, 2015

There go the Tosils

 So a few months ago PDC had to have her tonsils removed. she had strep throat 3 times in a five week span. I swear we were getting done with the antibiotics from one round and we were back in the doctor's office with it all over again. When she went to see the Eye, Nose and Throat doctor he told her that he would make her feel all better after he gave her the worst sore throat for about a week. I swear all she heard is that she could have all the popsicles that she wanted for a week!

 Thankfully she came thru the whole thing with flying colors, having strep was way worse than she was after have her tonsils out. Here are the pages that I did with this lovely kit. I just love BoomersGirl's kits, don't you?

 You can find the kit "Doctor's Orders" here. I almost forgot to plug LissyKay Designs on these too. I better remember to do that since I CT for her too. The first layout is using Corner to Corner and the second is using Gumballs. :)

Until next time... Stay scrappy. :)

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