Monday, August 10, 2015

"Booty".... otherwise known as "My Greatest Treasures"

 I am pretty sure I told you all the other day that I am doing the "Survivor" challenge at GingerScraps this season. This time the challenge is about "Lost at Sea". BoomersGirl had a kit a month or so ago, Pirates Life, that I passed on since I had no pictures to use for it. I ended up changing my mind as soon as this challenge came along, thankfully Lori was very understanding and we decided that it was a win/win for her to give me the kit after all. (She really is wonderful to work for!)

 This week the challenge was about our greatest treasures, what we would put in our treasure chest. I knew that mine was going to be about my family, they are the greatest treasure in my life and my greatest joy, even tho they drive me absolutely nuts most days. I know that I wouldn't want to go one day without them!

 I used the GingerScraps Girls kit Lost at Sea & BoomersGirl kit A Pirate's Life for this layout. It also contains my two most prized possessions in the wedding day pictures of both sets of grandparents. Both of my grandfathers passed away before I was born and these are the only pictures I have of either of them. I told DH one day that if the house ever catches on fire I need to grab my EHD, a file folder (with all our birth certificates, titles, and other important misc.), and those two pictures (although I do have copies of both pictures on my EHD). He asked me about the kids and I told him that was his responsibility to grab them, I was going to be busy. Hehehehe

 I will have a couple more pages from BoomersGirl's newest kit Doctor's Orders. I used pictures from when PDC had her tonsils taken out earlier this year.

 Until next time.... Stay scrappy. :)

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