Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lovin' LissyKay in August

One of our own here in DigiLand could use an extra boost.
Melissa, the designer behind the fantastic (and somewhat unique) templates at LissyKay Designs, has been through a car accident with back/neck injuries, physical therapy, a surgery which didn't work, and a *second* car accident. The doctors want her to have a 2nd surgery...Melissa wants to have a 2nd surgery...but insurance is insisting that she do physical therapy first - which is hurting more than helping.
She's barely able to be out of bed, much less spend time at her computer creating her special templates at her usual output. At the same time, medical bills are mounting.
We, her Creative Team, are having a "Lovin' LissyKay" event all month. You will see layouts and ads featuring several of her templates each day. And stay tuned because we're working on some challenges for later in the month with coupons as prizes.
We are not asking for handouts - Melissa wouldn't want handouts. This is not a sale, because that would defeat the purpose of trying to help raise funds. We simply want to remind you what a brilliantly talented lady she is and try to help you find something in her store that you might want to purchase.
For any of you who have (tried to) follow my blog you know that I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE LissyKay templates & used them as often as I could even before I was on her CT. I practically begged her to add me to her CT so I could afford Kits to use with her wonderful templates. lol :) I have always loved using her older templates to complete the challenges at GingerScraps & use them whenever possible.
As this month goes on all of the CT will be reminding you everyday why we all fell in love with her kits & why you should too. Trust me she has something special & unique in her store for anyone. Here some of the pages I have done with her wonderful kits. Come back for more as the month goes on.
                                            Family Ties 1 - http://bit.ly/LKD_GDS_FamilyTies1
                                         Favorite Things - http://bit.ly/LKD_GDS_FavoriteThings    

See you later & Stay Scrappy.

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