Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Designs by Marcie $2 Tuesday

 This week has been a busy week around our little house. The hubby finished installing out wood burning stove this weekend. Trust me that is going to be a real life saver this winter. Since we live out in the country we have two choices for heating, either propane or electric, we choose electric. When we did the rates were low enough we could handle it, but we all know what has happened to the rates lately. It now costs way more to heat our house, hence the wood stove. I am ready for the challenge, lol. I will keep you up to date on how this new adventure goes, even if I am bundled up in a parka like an Alaskan Eskimo. :)

 This week Marcie has a new Kit on the $2 Tuesday at GoDigitalScrapbooking, Bon Apetite. This kit was fun to make layouts with PDC's first eating solids pictures. She was a real demon when she first started eating solids. I think more of the food end up on her face & in her hair, than what ended up IN her, but those sure made for some cute pictures! LOL.

 You can get this kit here. Remember it is on sale for $2 for today only, so hurry.
Here are those layouts I did with PDC.

 I will have new laouts for you soon. I have my monthly challenges at GingerScraps & I am also competing in the GingerScraps Survivor: OZ challenge. Talk about fun! I will bring you up to date on all of this soon!

 Stay scrappy.

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