Saturday, September 21, 2013

A truly amazing young man

 I do have a layout & a new kit to share with you today but first I want to tell you the story of the amazing young man that this layout is about. I live in a small town in Montana, Huntley. Here in our little country area our kids all go to a school called Huntley Project High School. This is a story of a 17 year old football player that made a decision that I am not sure many adults could make without feeling like their lives were over.

 This amazing young man's name is Koni Dole. This story starts out on October 28, 2012. In the last quarter of the last football game of the season, Koni broke his leg. After many operations to repair the compound break of his leg, Koni developed compartment syndrome, which cuts off the blood flow to a part of the body after an injury. His doctors gave him two choices, they could remove all of the muscles in his lower leg, leaving his leg useless, or they could amputate his leg.  Amputating his leg would allow him to be able to walk with a prosthetic, but doctors told him he would never play football again. Although Koni had a dream of playing football for Montana State University, he choose to have his leg amputated, then he started researching athletes that returned to sports after having a limb amputated!

 Koni choose not to give up on his dream. He was wrestling for his high school 3 months after having his leg removed. Then he joined track. Then on August 30, 2013, 10 months after having his leg amputated, Koni was back on the football field! In that first game of the season, Koni caught the ball & ran for TWO touchdowns! To make this story even more amazing, Koni has received a football scholarship to Montana State University! Koni's story is inspiring to any person who faces adversity, it is a story of never giving up on yourself or dreams that you have. With work & perseverance you can do anything you set your mind to! Learn from Koni, reach for the stars! I am privileged to share a community with this young man & wish him all the success that is possible.

 Ginger's Scraps N Pixels new kit that I did this layout with is called Moose Ball. I knew as soon as I saw this kit that I wanted to do a page about this amazing, inspiring young man. You can find Moose Ball here.

 I will be back tomorrow with another layout. Stay scrappy.

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  1. What an amazing story and layout!! I have to share this with my son. He is in football and just started on the freshman team. He will love this inspiration! TFS!