Thursday, September 12, 2013

Daily download by Chere Kaye Designs on GingerScraps Blog

 I told you before that Chere Kaye has a new daily download that you can get for free this month on the GingerScraps blog. This kit is so adorable. It is named Oh Blah Dee. Here is a look at the preview for this kit:

 You can get this kit on the GingerScraps blog here.  Here are the layouts that I have done with this kit. I never want to say that I am done making layouts with a certain kit because I never know when a picture will jump out at me & need this kit to finish it. As you can see I have so many pictures of PDC to scrap with, the main reason being when Bubba as a baby we didn't have digital cameras, but I also lost quite a few of his pictures in numerous moves over the years & it is so hard to get new pictures of him because it embarrasses him if I scrap with pictures of him & the post them. I have decided that is just too bad for him, after all what are parents for except to embarrass their children. Mwahahahah!

 I also have layouts to do for GingerScraps challenges this month & will be posting all of those over the next few weeks for you to check out. Also as a side note I have, as Dh says, made a convert. I have hooked my sister on digital scrapbooking! Yay! I will see if as she gets a little better she will let me post some of her layouts on here. What do you say Kristine?

Stay scrappy.

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