Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chere Kaye Designs New Kits- Young Love

 Chere Kaye Designs has 5, yes I said FIVE, new kits out this week! They are all in one theme- Young Love.  They are Caleb & Stacey, Dave & Raya, Josh & Megan, Phil & Jaymay, & Zac & Sarah. These kits are wonderful, as usual, to work with. If you like any of these kits, just click on the name above & it will take you to the store where you can get your own copy of the kit to be creative with.

Here are some layouts that I did using the Young Love kits. First is one with my grandparents wedding picture again using Dave & Raya.

This next one is of Princess's graduation picture & some baby pictures, using Phil & Jaymay.

This one is of Princess Demon Child, Bubba, & Stitch that I made for the GingerScraps desktop challenge. I used Zac & Sarah for this. (I have decided to call my 19 year old Stitch for privacy issues on my blog. I came to this name because if he isn't getting stitches, it's a miracle. He was attacked by a dog when he was 2 & had I don't know how many stitches in his head. Then when he was 4 his dad set down a saw & it fell off the table & almost cut his arm off, so once again a bunch of stitches. Then two days ago at work he was using a grinder to fix a flat tire & tried to cut off his left pointer finger at the first knuckle, so more stitches & an appointment with the hand doctor to see if he severed his flex tendon. He had gotten more stitches than everyone else in the house put together!)

Stay scrappy & I will be back soon.

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