Friday, September 13, 2013

My Grandparents Wedding Picture

 I have recently gotten a copy of my grandparents wedding picture from my aunt. I have been going over & helping her with her computer, trying to get it set up so that it is easy for her to use. Apparently I have done such a good job of that, that she has been telling her friends, that want to learn how to use theirs to remain in contact with their family, to call her niece & I will set theirs up as easy to use as I have hers. I am almost thinking I can make a little side job of it, if all the word of mouth keeps up this way.

 Anyway, while I have been spending time with her (not just setting up her computer, mind you) we have been talking a lot about family & all that. She has a much better collection of pictures from my father's side of the family back in Michigan. She was wonderful enough to let me borrow some of them so I could scan them into my computer & be able to scrap with them. I have been wanting a copy of this picture for years. I never knew my grandfather, my father was only 8 when he died. My grandmother was one of the few people who accepted me for exactly what I was, unconditionally. I miss that, as much as I miss her. She has been gone for nearly 28 years. I still think of her every time I look into my children's faces, as I don't doubt for one minute that she had a hand in me having each of them. I will love her until my last breath!

 Here is their wedding picture.

 I used a free kit from Donakat called Old Fashioned Love Song. I knew as soon as I saw this kit that it would be perfect for this picture & I love how it turned out. Now I just have to talk my mom into loaning me the picture of her parents on their wedding day (I have a picture of my grandmother & step-grandfather on their wedding day that I have scrapped with & will post that layout soon.) Leave me a comment & let me know what you think?

 Stay scrappy!

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